Is love nothing but an illusion mixed with memories and imagination?
Or is it a fantasy that keeps lingering in one's head throughout the life?


50 yeas ago, a boy and a girl rowed together on the famous outing site in Taipei: the Green Lake. 50 years after the trip, as the once-invincible old man shares the story with his daughter on that clear summer day, one becomes bewildered by the indescribable connection between the boy and the girl. No one is sure what really happened, except that all the sceneries upstream along the lake remain mesmerizingly appealing.



Bi-tan (the Green Lake) was a famous dating location for youngsters of my parents’ generation. Nasty boys boasted themselves by showing off how well they row to the girls. The only chance for anyone to touch any other person would be holdings hands when getting on a boat. Once you get on a boat, there would be so little space between a boy and a girl that you would almost want to find a way out…

After retirement, my dad started to write novels but he was afraid to share it with anyone. One day he told me the story about how he met a beautiful girl in Bi-tan and I thought that was an awesome story. Just like him, I never told anyone that I wish to make that story into a movie. A movie that is shot on a lake. How cool would that be? However, I was surprised when I received the script from my dad. What he wrote was completely different from what he had told me.


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